Flu Shots

Our pharmacy is pleased to be offering flu shots to the general public in the 2023-2024 flu season. To maintain our work efficiency, we will continue to use an online waitlist this year. We welcome all of you to join our waitlist but please know that due to the anticipated high demand for flu vaccines this season, priority will be given to patients of Queen East Medical Pharmacy or Magenta Health Clinic.

Our next this season will be on Saturday November 04, 2023 

If you would like to join our waitlist, please click here.

Prior to booking your actual appointment, we encourage you to read the relevant Frequently Asked Questions regarding our flu clinics this season especially if you are coming with children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do I need an appointment or can I just walk in?

To maintain the efficiency of workflow, we will offer flu shots by appointment. This will reduce the wait time for you and allow us to control our inventory better. For walk in patients, we can only give you the vaccine if we have extra doses.

Who can book an appointment for the flu shot at your pharmacy?

Anyone who is at least 5 years old with a valid Ontario Health Card. You can still get the flu shot if you do not have a health card but you may want to email us after you have booked your appointment to avoid delay.  

I just realized my Health Card is expired, can I still get the flu shot at your pharmacy?

Yes. You can still bring that in and we will accept that because we are nice.

What types of flu shots do you offer this year?

We offer the regular flu shot for ages 5 to 64 as well the senior flu shot for anyone above 65. We do not administer nasal spray vaccine. 

Do I need to fill out a consent form every year? I already did that last year!

Yes. As per regulations, you will need to fill out the Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIPassessment and consent form every year prior to getting the flu shot. This year you will be receiving a link the day prior to your appointment so you may fill it out online. It is equivalent to the physical copy.

If I cannot fill out the consent form online, can just I fill out a physical copy instead?

Yes. If you prefer to fill out a physical copy, you can find it here You may print it out. If you do not have a printer, you may also fill it out in your computer and email it to: contact@queeneastpharmacy.ca  Additional copies will also be available in the pharmacy if needed.

What happens after I joined the waitlist? Will someone call me?

You will receive an invitation link to book an appointment as soon as we receive shipments of flu shots. The system will immediately send out invitations based on doses we receive. We will not be calling everybody because that will be too inefficient. 

How long is the invitation link valid for?

The invitation link is usually valid for 48 hours.  

Why do you I only see appointment slots for this upcoming week?

Due to the inconsistent vaccine supply and room sharing with Magenta Health Clinic, we are only able to release appointment spots one week at a time.

Are most of your appointments on the weekend?

Most of our clinics will be on Saturday because we will be able to use more exam rooms. Unfortunately we do not have enough staff to administer flu shots during the weekdays this year. 

Is is better to choose the appointment spots that are closer to today's date? Would you run out of flu shots if I choose appointment spots for next week instead?

No. Your dose is reserved once you book your appointment regardless of whether your appointment is tomorrow or next week.

If my invitation link is expired or if I'm not free on any of the upcoming time slots you offer, can I rejoin the waitlist for the next availability?

Yes. You can click on the invitation link after it expires and you will be given the option to rejoin the waitlist. You can do that as many times as you want until you see the appointment slot that you like. Please note that the system will not put you back on the waitlist automatically after the link expired so you have to do that manually.

Can you tell me when the next shipment will arrive?

Unfortunately we are not smart enough to predict when the government will be sending out the next shipment.

How long is each appointment? 

Each appointment is 5 minutes but you will be asked to wait in the room or in the waiting area for up to 15 minutes after receiving your flu shot so we can monitor you for your safety and enter the information into your record.

If I have 6 people, will the appointment be 30 minutes? That's a long time!

No. Our system will sort your group into different rooms based on the size of your group and number of staff on site to save you time.

Can we all crowd into the same room instead?

Unfortunately no. We generally will not have more than 2 to 3 people in the same room. This is not just to minimize personal contact. It is mainly to prevent needlestick injuries for you and our staff especially with the needles getting sharper every year. 

If I need extra time in the appointment, can you accommodate that?

We will try our best to accommodate. If you or your child will need extra time, you can let us know when you arrive. We are generally able to give you extra time for appointments on the weekend.  

I think I missed my appointment. Can I go back on the waitlist for the next availability?

If you missed your appointment, please send us an email: contact@queeneastpharmacy.ca The system will not put you back on the waitlist automatically. 

How do I get priority if I am a patient of Queen East Medical Pharmacy?

If you are a patient of our pharmacy, the system will automatically recognize that and give you priority. No further action is required.

How do I get priority if I am only a patient of Magenta Health Clinic? Should I call you?

If you are a patient of Magenta Health Clinic but not a patient of our pharmacy, please send us an email at: contact@queeneastpharmacy.ca and let us know your name and who your family physician is, we will give you priority. We are not able to do that over the phone as the waitlist is managed remotely and the staff on site will not have the ability to change priority.   

I am a patient of Magenta Health Clinic but my family is not, do they also get priority?

Yes! Please send us an email.

I still have questions. Can I contact you?

Yes! Please send us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to help you!